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Friday, April 27, 2012

Any resemblance to any other tutorial or signature is merely coincidental and is not intended.

I am using the artwork of Anna Liwanag–.  You can purchase her artwork and a license to use them HERE you MUST have a license to use her work

I am using the font : Tattoo Sailor
I am using plugins:  Eye Candy 4.0 HSB Noise, Eye Candy 3.1, Glow
I am using PTU KiKeKa Kits “By the Sea”, which you can purchase here

Pieces of the kit used in this tutorial are
Paper 01
Bottle 2

You must have working knowledge of PSP to complete this tutorial.  This tutorial was written using PSPXII

Open new Canvas 600*250

Open Paper 01, resize to 600*600, Paste, crop to fit
Selections, Select all
Selections, Modify, Selection Borders, Size 7, invert
New Layer, Flood Fill with #172156
Eye Candy 4.0 HSB Noise

Add noise, 65%, Gaussian, Monochrome

Paste your tube close up, move to right hand side, resize and place to your liking, paste between BG and Border.  crop off the extras, drop shadow, opacity at 52

Ball01, resize and place to your liking
Umbrella, resize and place to your liking
Bottle 2 resize and Flip, place to your liking
Lighthouse, resize and place to your liking
Bucket 02, resize and place to your liking
Sun, resize and place to your liking
WordArt01, resize and place to your liking

Apply drop shadow to your taste.  Mine are all 2*2’s
The name.  Tattoo Sailor Size 22,  Eye Candy 3.1 Glow 5 pixel, fat setting color #FFFFF
Drop Shadow to your liking
Add your copyright information and license number before save

Now for the Avatar
Open new Canvas 150*200
Resize Paper 1 to 200*200, Paste
Add Border with Previous settings, only with 4 instead of 7
Add your tube and delete excess
Add your elements

Add Copyright and liscense number

Add your initial, or text, effects like before



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