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Friday, March 14, 2014



Personal use only! Please do not redistribute or claim as your own.

What you CAN do with my scraps:

* You can use my scraps for custom blinkies. IF someone pays YOU for a blinkie service and they want you to use one of my kits, that's ok. So long as you have either purchased the kit, or have already used it in a CT creation.
*If YOU pay someone to make you a blinkie they MUST purchase the kit if it's  a PTU one you want them to use. You may NOT give them the kit for free. Period.

* You can make tags/layouts/timeline covers, etc. using my kits either PTU and FTU for FREE. You CAN NOT charge money for these creations! Not only is it against TOU if you use a tube, BUT it's against TOU for many of the designers from whom I use their commercial use items.

* You can print out the scrap layouts you make. A lot of people do that and make scrap books out of them. You can have them printed for cheap at most office supply stores.


What you can NOT do with my scraps:

* Mix my elements with that from any other designer, (So you can't make a tag from my kit and one from another designer, the ONLY exception are collabs,
where myself and another designer use the same palette and theme....NOT Blog Trains)

* Mix one kit with another of my own creation (So you can't make a tag out of two different kits, 1 tag, 1 kit)

*Charge for any creations you make with the exception of what was mentioned above.

* Do not share my stuff!

*Do not recolor my scraps they are that color for that reason.

* Do not take items from my kits and use them to make your own! That is stealing.

* Make Freebie Clusters from my Kits, due to a change in TOU's from a CU designer I can no longer allow this by anyone but my personal CT team.
You may NOT take a cluster done by my CT team and Add ANYTHING else to it, period end of story, unless you buy the kit and add
MY additional elements to the cluster



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