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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Yellow & Black PTU Tut

Any resemblance to any other tutorial or signature is merely coincidental and is not intended.

I am using the artwork of Arthur Crowe –.  You can purchase this artwork and a license to use them HERE you MUST have a license to use his work (Style Life)

I am using the font: Beyond Sky
I am using plugins: Lokas 3-D shadow, Alien Eye Candy 5 Impact, Gradient Glow
I am using “Black and Yellow” From Dran Designs which you can purchase here
I am using reikastarmask2 by Reika, here
I am using Drop Shadow 2 Vert, 2 Hori, Opacity 90, Blur 2 Color #202020

Pieces of the kit used in this tutorial are
Paper 8
Paper 10

Element 59
Element 6
Element 34
Element 45
Element 22
Element 39
Element 16
Element 56
Element 29
Element 19

You must have working knowledge of PSP to complete this tutorial.  This tutorial was written using PSPXII

Open new Canvas 600*600

New Layer, flood fill with Paper 8 Apply mask and resize to your liking, Merge Group

c/p GFS, resize and rotate to your liking, use magic wand, select the inside of your frame, Selections, Modify, Expand, pixels 10, okay, invert selection, new layer, flood fill with Paper 10.

c/p CU2 between frame and yellow paper, resize to your liking, reapeat with magic wand, apply overlay, drop shadow

C/p Tube, over the top of the Frame,and resize to your liking, apply Lokas 3-d drop shadow:

Element 59,Place Under the frame and paper, resize and place to your liking, duplicate, mirror, flip, drop shadow both
Element 6, Resize and place to your liking, Duplicate, Mirror, Drop Shadow
Element 34, resize to your liking, drop Shadow
Element 45, Resize and Place to your liking, Drop Shadow
Element 22, resize and place to your liking, Drop Shadow
Element 39, resize, and Place to your liking
Element 16, resize, place to your liking, Drop Shadow
Element 56, resize, place to your liking, Drop Shadow
Element 29, resize, place to your liking, Drop Shadow
Element 19, resize, place to your liking, Drop Shadow

Resize the signature if needed
The name:.  Using Beyond Sky size 30  Colors #000000,  Apply Gradient Glow, #f5d418, then Drop Shadow

Add your copyright information and license number before save


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